Llewelyn Powys on Natural Happiness

The secret to be remembered is that nothing matters, nothing but the momentary consciousness of each individual as he opens his eyes upon as spectacle that knows nought of ethics.

Henry Miller’s Advice to the Young Writer

They never dream—or they behave as if they never realize – that the reason why they feel sterile, frustrated and joyless is because art (and with it the artist) has been ruled out of their lives.

Louis-Ferdinand Céline’s Two Literary Teachers

Louis-Ferdinand Céline is considered the second best French novelist after Proust (if not the best). If you felt delighted after reading Journey to the End of the Night (1932), and if you wondered what are…

Cicero on Crafting Your Needs

the true satisfaction to be derived from food comes not from repletion but from appetite – the people who run hardest after pleasure are the least likely to catch what they are after.

Arthur Schopenhauer’s Favorite Novels

A novel will be the higher and nobler the more inner and less outer life depicts… The art lies in setting the inner life into the most violent motion with the smallest possible expenditure of outer life: for it is the inner life which is the real object of our interest. – The task of the novelist is not to narrate great events but to make small ones interesting.

Georges Simenon on Human Nature

I have watched the awakening of intelligence in each of my four children. It is so quick, so impressive, that one wonders how such a progression can end . . . in what we are.…